UPDATE: Long Beach Expo Coin & Currency Show (September 6 – 10)

Tim and I would like to extend a warm thank you for all of you that stopped by our table to spend a little time talking Pandas.  It didn’t even matter if the conversation was not all about Pandas!  For us, learning from others and sharing stories is the most exciting part about attending shows.  We have to say that the Long Beach Shows have been the best for meeting other Panda enthusiasts.  It must be all that warm weather, ocean breezes, shorts and sandals!  We will be back in February 2018.

It was a little tough during the show knowing that Hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida.  Our friends at NGC packed up and headed back to Sarasota to get prepared.  It is nice to know, after the fact, that the hurricane was not as bad as it could have been.  We missed them at the show.

Young Numismatists – We continue to enjoy the young numismatists that venture by our table.  We met one young man that was particularly amazing.  His collecting interests focused on US coins and his mother shared a story from earlier in the day.  As he was looking through a “Dollar Box” of coins, he pulled out a 1909-S Indian Head Penny and asked the dealer why this coin was in the Dollar Box.  The dealer took a look at the penny, then thanks him and told him that was a mistake. Unfortunately, that dealer did not reward this young man with additional praise for his deed, but Tim and I made up for it!  He took an interest in the Malaysia Show Panda, maybe due to the Buffalo Nickle in the coin collage next to the Panda in the midle?  We negotiated a bit and he purchased his first Panda.  He continued looking through our cases and asked about a couple of the Ancient Coins.  We couldn’t resist and gave him one.  Before he had to leave, we gave him one last challenge.  If he guessed the date of the Silver Eagle Tim was holding, it would be his.  And wouldn’t you know it he guessed the right date, 2016.  We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with this young man and congratulations to some great parenting!  Definitely we have a future entrepreneur or Supreme Court Judge or even President in the making!









Peter Anthony – Gold & Silver Panda Coin Buyer’s Guide (3rd Edition) – It was nice Peter Anthony, author of the Gold & Silver Panda Buyer’s Guide, made a stop at our table.  There is never a dull moment talking Pandas with Peter.  We took advantage, pulled out his book and began asking a few (well maybe many) questions.  Always a pleasure sharing stories with the guy that “wrote the book”!  We share his excitement about Pandas and the Panda collector market.





Great news for the Show Panda collectors! The first ever 50g Silver Piefort Berlin World Money Fair Show Panda has been produced. PQPanda has an exclusive arrangement to distribute this beautiful, low mintage addition to the Berlin World Money Fair Panda series. Only 300 pieces were minted.

The last 50g Silver Peifort Proof was produced for the 2016 125th Anniversary of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) at the World’s Fair of Money in Anaheim, CA during August of last year. The mintage of this Piefort was 625 and sold out immediately.

The 50g Silver Piefort offers the Panda collectors with a unique look and feel. Due to the dimensions of the Piefort, Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC), the leading Third Party Grading Service for Panda issues, has an extra thick holder for this issue. When holding one of these Pandas, you sense the special significance of this issue.

The obverse features the German parliament house, the Berlin Television Tower with the logo of the World Money Fair. Each coin has a unique number (1 through 300) engraved on it. The reverse depicts the Berlin Bear, the Chinese Panda and two Chinese coins. The Berlin Panda design was crafted by the Shanghai Mint senior designer, Yu Min.

Click the Store link above to purchase one for your collection. If you have any questions, please send to info@pqpanda.com.